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Mona Sherman

Mona Sherman married her high school sweetheart over 20 years ago, became a mother, and shortly thereafter began working for the Cy-Fair Independent School District (CFISD). She dutifully served as a cashier and food production worker for over 10 years before her mother became seriously ill, requiring round-the-clock care. Mona decided to leave CFISD and make caring for her mother her full-time job.

“It will be 2 years in October since [my mother] passed away… her passing really made me decide, [that I need to] get something going, to make her proud,” said Mona. “When I saw the [internet posting] for the BankWork$ Program, [I thought to myself,] this was a new start to do something I’ve always wanted to do. At the time, I was a stay at home mom with nothing really to do, [so] the timing was perfect.”

Upon enrolling in SER’s BankWork$ program, each participant completed an entry-level assessment to measure their math and reading skills, which are potential indicators of success for the program.

“I was so excited when I completed and passed the math and reading portion of the test,” said Mona. “This [was] the jumpstart to my career.”

Days before BankWork$ class started, Mona was faced with the challenge of selling her home and finding a new home that would fit their family needs. Once classes started, Mona drove an hour each way from Cypress to the Magnolia Multiservice Center every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for BankWork$ - all in the hopes of making her career dreams a reality. 

“[Everyday] I went in with open mind, I participated, and did ‘well’,” said Mona.  

Mona often doubted herself and considered dropping out of the program, but her family’s support helped her persist.

“My daughter works for Prosperity Bank and would help [me] out a lot when I had questions about our lessons,” said Mona. “[My Daughter] lifted me up when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do [BankWork$] anymore; she really inspired and pushed me to continue [daily]. I would go home to my [family] and tell them that ‘This is too hard. I can’t do this [anymore]. I’m not going to make it’ -- but they wouldn’t let me give up – my family had my back.”

“Even in [the] BankWork$ [program], I had a lot of support. I really got to know the people [in the program] and learned from them. We are still in contact with each other [to this day].”

During the March graduation ceremony, Mona participated in job interviews from Wells Fargo, Compass Bank, Prosperity, and Member Source Credit Union.

“I chose Member Source Credit Union because they wanted to know me as a person [as Mona], then they wanted to get to know me as an employee – I felt more comfortable with them,” said Mona.  

“Being on the other side of the bank [as an employee and not just a customer], showed me what Tellers go through, as far as dealing with different [types of] customers. It showed me [the other] side of the fence because I never knew [all the responsibilities of a Teller].”

“When my mother passed away, I had been out of [the workforce] for 5 years,” said Mona. “I am happy with the decision I made; [Bankwork$] helped me learn and [enhance my knowledge] of the banking industry. I want to succeed; move up the ladder and have a great life for me and my family. But if I could have done anything differently, I would have finished college.”

Mona has decided that she will be re-enrolling at Lone Star College in the Fall to complete the Business Management degree she once started. Mona also inspired her husband to pursue his longtime goal of a college education – he also plans to enroll for the Fall semester.

“If it wasn’t for SER, I would probably be at another dead-end job – something I wouldn’t enjoy,” said Mona. “The best advice I could give to others is to hang in there, do your best, and everything will work out.”