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Linda Deleon

Linda came sometime around 1980 to find hope and empowerment.

“I [got] married and dropped out of school at the age of 14 and had my first son at the age of 16,” said Linda.  “After my first year of marriage and having many [trials] in the relationship, I wasn’t sure of what my future would hold, [so] I decided to look for a job. I came across an [advertisement] for this place called SER.”

Despite her own reservations, Linda applied for a receptionist position at SER.

“[I had] no hope [and no] work experience,” said Linda. “I didn’t know at that moment when I walked through [SER’s] doors, that it would be a life changing experience; that it would lead me [towards] the roads of success. I knew I had the potential-- I just needed a chance.”

Despite not getting the job she initially wanted, Linda discovered a new youth career exploration program SER had just launched where youth could earn stipends while shadowing professionals in various industries.

In the program, Linda worked with SER as an Intake Coordinator for the Senior Citizen Training Program which would help acclimate seniors back into the workplace.

As a condition of her participation in the paid training/career exploration program, Linda had to pursue her GED.

“I signed up to take the GED test at the University of Houston - Downtown. I was nervous and [did] not know how I would do -- I passed all subjects, but one” said Linda. “I didn’t give up [though], I retook the subject and passed.”

Overcoming the daunting educational barrier meant that Linda could enrich her future, segue into greater opportunities, and provide for her family.

“I truly felt good for myself,” said Linda. “After dropping out of school in the 8th [grade], I did not even have the minimal education [level] for the work field.”

Once the youth program completed, Linda was selected to participate in SER’s Business Clerical training held at Massey Business College, which launched in 1982.

“This program was at no cost to us, [and] offered a weekly incentive pay,” said Linda. “I felt as if I was going to a real job.  I completed the course and received a certificate.”

Reminiscing on her most valuable learning experiences, Linda has fond memories of the program.

“Knowing how to 10-key by [touch] and learning office basics was awesome,” Linda said. “During my journey at SER, not only [did it improve] my work skills, but it also helped build my self-esteem. I can say that I’ve succeeded, not only because someone believed in me, but because someone believed in giving [me] a chance.”

After completing her training, Linda began her career working in the clerical/ receptionist field in the 1980s; she worked for Houston City Council Members and Law Firms earning a decent wage.

“Today, I work for [AVANCE]. I started working with them in 2006 as an HR Assistant,” said Linda. “Since then, I’ve been promoted to Procurement/Contract Administrator, Facilities Coordinator, Facilities Manager, and recently, Director of Facilities.”   

“To this day, I [continue] share my story with many family and friends,” said Linda. “Because of SER, I am where I am today. I look forward to furthering my education and providing another update in the future.”