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Baylor Teen Health Clinic now serving youth in East End!

Posted July 14

The Tejano Center Teen Clinic, which is located at 2950 Broadway, Houston, TX 77017,  is a comprehensive health... Read more...

Mayor Turner's Summer Jobs Program!

Posted April 27

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Success Stories

Joseph Lee

“My name is Joseph Lee. I served two years in the Marines. A year in California, and a year in Hawaii.   

Tiffany Pauquette

I grew up in Houston. I joined the military at 18 because I wanted to serve my country. I’ve been gone for 12 years.   

Risheem Eli Muhammad

“I'm 40 years old. Born and raised in Houston. I attended a high school for the engineering profession, which is Booker T. Washington High School in north Houston.

Terrance Henderson

Like many youth from Houston’s troubled Sunnyside neighborhood, 44 year-old Terrance Henderson was surrounded by negative influences growing up.

Raymond Green

"From early childhood I was raised up in the street. I lived by what we would call street justice. You know, you and nobody else. Basically, that's how I lived my life.

Tyree Newton

“I'm 34 years old. I grew up in Bryan, College Station. I played sports my whole life: my freshman year of high school I played soccer, baseball, football, and tennis for my high school.

Amanda Zuniga

Amanda Zuniga, then a 21 year-old mother of one, knew she wanted to work with her hands, but lacked any practical knowledge or skills to get hired.   

Bruce Houser

After 28 years in prison, Bruce Houser found a second chance in SER’s Serving for Success program (operated in partnership with the Houston Food Bank).  

Robert Yanez

Robert Yanez, now 20, seized the opportunity to stand out among his peers by making his summer job about more than just a few paychecks.  

Joe Gonzalez

At SER, 60-year old Joe Gonzalez gained the skills he needed to re-enter the workforce and rediscovered his self-confidence.

Peter Igberaese

“My name is Peter Igberaese. I come from Edo state, in the Western region of Nigeria. I'm 66.”  

Diana Velasquez

A 22 year-old single mother, Diana Velasquez suddenly found herself not only unemployed, but deprived of a crucial asset pretty much everyone needs when trying to find a job. 

Steven Stovall

"My name is Steven Stovall. I went through the SER Serving for Success program and I work for the Houston Food Bank.
Sarahí Zavala with TWA Program Coordinator Imicuk Loyuk

Sarahí Zavala

By the end of her junior year in High School, Sarahí Zavala had never been employed. She didn’t even enjoy talking to people.

Janice Brooks

In the blink of an eye, Janice Brooks went from stable employment to having to sleep on the floor of a homeless shelter with her two grandchildren.

Josue Olvera

At just 18 years old, Josue Olvera seemed to know exactly what he needed in order to be successful. All he needed was a little bit of help from SER to make it happen.