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Success Stories

SER Jobs

Justin Woods

Justin Woods overcame incredible odds to turn his life around.

Jonathan Hudson

Jonathan Hudson, age 20, came to SER after losing everything during Hurricane Harvey. “SER turned out to be exactly what I needed,” said Jonathan.

Stephanie Guevara

“SER really, really changed my life,” said Stephanie Guevara.

Terrance Groves

“If it wasn’t for SER, I would still be trying to figure out my life,” said Terrance.

Vernetta Harrison

From the time she was very young, Vernetta Harrison dreamed of a career in the culinary industry.

Nathaniel Moore

Despite his desire to get on the right path after being incarcerated, Nathaniel Moore struggled to find work and continued to face obstacles stemming from choices he made in his youth.

Mark Salinas

While visiting his local workforce solutions center one day, Mark Salinas met a SER representative who introduced him to all of the services and opportunities that were available and aligned with M

Nancy Salas Martinez

Nancy Salas Martinez, a 28-year-old married mother of two young boys, learned her strong work ethic from her parents. Nancy’s family moved to Pasadena from Mexico when she was five.

Ray Navarez

Magnolia-native Ray Navarez and his family call Houston’s east end home.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith, 58, had worked as an independent contractor for most of his life. A decline in demand combined with a family crisis forced Jeff to leave his job in 2015.

Robert Nordyke

After spending nearly half of his life in prison, Robert Nordyke finally realized his true calling, to inspire others by sharing his past experiences with those who are where he once was.

Victor Avendano

For many low income, first generation, minority families, thinking of going to college and how to afford tuition can be very mind boggling.

Samantha Composano

As a teenager in the 9th grade, Samantha Composano was confronted with a lot of mayhem and drama amongst her peers in high school when she became pregnant with her first child.

Edward Robertson

Edward Robertson wanted his independence and the ability to provide for his family when his father passed away.

Sandra Swaby

In 2010, Cuba-native Sandra Swaby decided to move to the Cayman Islands to attend college and, hopefully, earn a decent wage.

Jonathan Rodriguez

Jonathan Rodriguez, a hard-working 22-year old student, applied to countless jobs on his own after receiving his work permit through DACA, but struggled to land interviews.

Brittany Torres

After spending years in the foster care system, Brittany Torres began hanging out with the wrong crowd and dropped out of high school at the age of 17.  

Aaron Cain

Aaron Cain, 42, wanted to make a change for himself and his family, but recognized his surroundings didn’t fit into his vision of a brighter future.

Nemira Jenkins

Nemira Jenkins, now 22, along with her two younger brothers and mom, relocated to Houston after her mother’s 20-year US military service ended in 2012.

Tyla Adams

Getting an education and her dream job were always part of 21-year old California-native Tyla Adams’ plan, but she needed some guidance to get there.

Caesar Morera

As the oldest sibling in the house, Caesar Morera, 26, was left to make a decision that would impact him tremendously - to leave Cuba’s poverty stricken, dictatorship and fulfill his dreams i

Keith McCray

Just a little over a year ago, Keith McCray, 25, found himself in an unlikely situation.

Adrian Byrd

Adrian Byrd, 18, was a recent high school graduate with nowhere to go afterwards.  Adrian attended Bellaire High School Fall 2012 until his senior year of high school.

Victorya Thibodeaux

At a young age of 16/17, Victorya Thibodeaux lived with her parents in Ft. Bend county where she attended Marshall High School and became a mother for the first time.

Damarcus Savage

In high school, Damarcus Savage (now 22) was a well-rounded student - engaged in his studies, participated in sports, and held an after-school job.

Hilda Belmares

Hilda Belmares and her parents came to Houston by way of Matamoros, Mexico in search of better opportunities.

Josue Serrano

Josue Serrano’s immigrant parents always encouraged him to try harder in school, but like many teenagers, he had to learn from his mistakes the hard way.

Maurice Thomas

The son of a decorated Navy veteran and the youngest of four siblings, Louisiana native Maurice Thomas was always living in someone’s shadow growing up.

Marcos Nunez

At the age of 17, Marcos Nunez's path in life seemed pre-determined. “The lifestyle [I was brought into] was not like normal teenagers'.

Mona Sherman

Mona Sherman married her high school sweetheart over 20 years ago, became a mother, and shortly thereafter began working for the Cy-Fair Independent School District (CFISD).

Yanira Vigil

Like many teenagers, Yanira went through a rough period, trying to find her voice, seeking help, guidance, and support wherever she could find it.

Sonia Benitez

Like many mothers, Sonia Benitez, 43, has always been the core of her family unit.

Kedric Fornerette

At the age of 41, Kedric Fornerette decided that his life needed an abrupt change.

Linda Deleon

Linda came sometime around 1980 to find hope and empowerment.

Sara Vega

Sara Vega, a 27-year old first-generation college graduate, struggled to get her foot in the door to a full time job after graduating from college in 2012.

Stanley Newman

For Stanley Newman, a 28-year old devoted father of two and recent BankWork$ graduate, the journey toward success hasn’t always been the easiest path.

Esther Kentish

The beginning of Esther’s life was full of struggle. But in 2013, the resilient teenager landed a prized summer internship through SER-Jobs for Progress and a new world opened for her.

Juan Marin

When he was a child, Juan Marin and his family emigrated from El Salvador to Houston in search of a better life. He and his family have since become naturalized U.S.

Juan Vela

Juan Vela transitioned his summer internship into a full time job, thanks to a positive attitude, willingness, and work ethic. 

Daniel Banda

“I am 18 years old, going to be 19 next month. I have both my parents, mom and dad, and a little sister. She is four years younger than me.   

Luis Ambriz

"I'm 39. I grew up in Houston. I only got one brother; he's two years younger. We always lived in southeast Houston, but moved around.

Nichole Young

"I am 37. I grew up in East St. Louis, Illinois. I spent 15 years there and then 10 years in Atlanta, Georgia. I had an extended family: I had six bonus siblings from my step-father. 

Abel Rosales

Abel Rosales recognized he needed a change of scenery to make a better life for himself.

Mishona Steadman

"I'm 29 years old. I grew up in Houston, Texas, on the Northeast side.  

Tyson DeLaFosse

"I'm 33. I was born in Friendswood, but I moved to Katy when I was 3. I lived there until I was about 28 so for 25 years. All my family is over there still.   

Jimmy Perez

"I am 29. I was raised in apartments in the northwest part of town, but in the summers I spent a lot of time with my grandmother on the Northside, in the Heights.

LaToya Richard

I grew up on the Southside of Houston. I had both parents in the household. I have two older siblings and a younger sibling.   

Royal Mays

After spending 8 years behind bars, Royal Mays faced some significant challenges in order to get his life back on track.

Mariah Iles

Mariah Iles, a 23-year old single mother of two, battled obstacles for four years before earning her GED through SER’s YouthBuild program, adopting a new outlook, and discovering a new world

Jafar Brown-Bryan

I'm 20 years old. I've always traveled all around Houston. I was born on the southwest side.