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On-the-Job Training (OJT) is designed to allow employers to hire, train, and retain employees in full-time permanent jobs. One of the advantages of utilizing the OJT is that “profiling” of the open position will be conducted by our profilers at no charge to the employer. We’ll pre-screen the applicants and arrange interviews. Once you make your hiring selection, an OJT contract will be negotiated that will pay 50% of your new employee’s hourly wage.
Why should an employer enter into an OJT Agreement?
OJT provides a solution for employers who are challenged with hiring, promoting or retaining employees who lack the specialized knowledge to perform their jobs effectively. Employers who sign an OJT agreement receive a free profile of the OJT position. This allows eligible individuals to be assessed in order to insure that they have the ability to perform the job.
Potential Benefits for Employers
1st. Scenario

  • Recruitment assistance
  • Screening and referral of potential match
  • The Trainee
  • Training prior to hire
  • Training provided during OJT
  • Support services provided during OJT
  • Case management services during OJT
  • Assistance in job description development
  • Assistance in developing the training plan
  • Assistance in accessing training curricula
  • Support to supervisor during OJT
  • Assistance in evaluating skill attainment
  • Wage reimbursement

2nd. Scenario

  • Outreach to identify OJT opportunities for job seekers who would benefit from hands-on training.
  • Process that businesses can use to apply for an OJT.
  • Pre-Award Review” process
  • Determine suitability of employment opportunity for OJT.
  • Development of job description and training outline.
  • How job seekers will be referred to the business.
  • Recruitment and marketing strategies.
  • Search strategies to identify candidates for known OJT opportunities.
  • How the need for OJT will be determined.
  • How skill gaps will be determined.
  • How training plan will be developed
  • Reimbursement Policies (options vary with funding source)
  • Dollar amount limits available per individual and/or per business.
  • Duration limits on OJT.

If you or your company is interested in learning more about SER's OJT/OJE options, contact Mike Russell.