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Request for Qualifications - Aesbestos Abatement 2



SER Jobs for Progress of the Texas Gulf Coast, Inc. was founded in 1965 through the combined efforts of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the G.I. Forum, and the Department of the Navy. It began as a volunteer job bank for Hispanic Veterans and is now a nationwide network of 42 affiliates operating in over 200 offices. SER is a not for profit organization.

The SER Board is ready to finalize plans for construction. A Building Committee has been formed to oversee the project planning and  implementation. Federal funds will be allocated to finance the renovation of this facility. SER has received two federal CDBG grant awards with which the selected asbestos abatement contractor will comply with all related requirements, including but not limited to the Davis-Bacon Act, Section 3, and MWSBE requirements. Exhibits providing further details of these requirements are listed at the end of this RFP, and are attached herein.

Further compliance requirements can be found at the following website address:
The additional project team members are: Project Control, Owner Representative and RdIR Architects, Inc., Project Architect.

On behalf of SER Jobs for Progress, we are requesting your firm to submit qualifications and a stipulated sum for the asbestos abatement of a 22,528 SF two story office building on its current 2.44 acre site located at 1710 Telephone Rd. Houston, TX. The attached schedule (EXHIBIT “A”) indicates the planned construction timeframe. Asbestos abatement inspections, design documents and specifications for cost estimating are attached as Exhibits at the end of this document.

Following fund raising for the Project, and assuming SER Jobs for Progress decides to proceed with the Project, the construction contract will be a stipulated sum. Contractors shall provide 5 copies of their proposals and include the information listed below. The information requested must be included in the text of proposal and be presented in the order indicated. Additional information such as exhibits may be attached. SER makes no assurances that any information or exhibits will be returned.

The written proposal shall include the following eight sections in the order specified here and separated by tabs:
1. Proposer Information (not to exceed 2 pages)
• Firms History
• Safety Program including EMR

2. Proposed Approach (not to exceed 4 pages)
3. Project Team
4. Bidders’ Stipulated sum to complete the Project. Bidders are to include breakout costs for
the contractor’s fee for services, and Cost of the Work (not to exceed 4 pages excluding
Exhibit F)
5. Professional References: Please provide 3 references of clients your firm or its
principals have provided services for within the past five years for a similar scope of
work. Include the name of the firm as well as the specific individual to becontacted.
6. Certificates of Insurance. At all times while performing under this Agreement,
Contractor (and any permitted subcontractors) shall carry and maintain with insurers
licensed to do business in the State of Texas and on terms satisfactory to Owner (see complete RFP for details)
7. Conflict of Interest Statement:
8. Evidence that your proposed workforce meets Section 3 target requirements.
9. Evidence that your proposed workforce meets MWSBE target requirements.
10. A bid guarantee from bidder equivalent to five percent of the bid price.
11. Commitment to the Project.


SER Jobs for Progress staff, Building Committee and consultants will evaluate the
qualifications in response to the Request for Proposal based on the following criteria:
1. Understanding of the scope of work and SER’s overall project goals and consultant’s
strategy for carrying out the required work tasks to meet the project goals.
2. Past experience and performance of the project team on similar projects related to cost
control, quality of work, meeting schedules and working with federal CDBG funding.
3. The contractor’s experience and ability to handle owner relations and communications
issues relative to all phases of the project design.
4. The present workload of the contractor (and any sub-consultants), availability of staff
and ability to meet the project task schedule.
5. Familiarity with applicable practices and procedures for the type of work involved.
6. Conformance to the specified RFP suggested format, length and requirements.
7. Organization, presentation and content of proposal.
8. Record of performance, including results of reference review.

All contractors intending to bid are required to attend a mandatory pre-bid meeting
that will take place at 10am on January 18, 2017 at the project site location below:
1710 Telephone Road
Houston, TX 77023

Interested bidders are requested to submit an intent to bid notification by 5pm on January
19, 2017 to the following email addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Questions regarding the scope of work are to be submitted by 6pm CST on January 20,
2016 via email to [email protected]. Questions submitted after this date will
not receive a response.

SER Jobs for Progress reserves the right to conduct independent reviews and interview
firms submitting proposals prior to making any selection. SER Jobs for Progress will not be
liable for any costs associated with your firm preparing its response to this RFP.
No proposer will be allowed to modify the content of proposal at any time after the
submission deadline, except in direct response to a request from SER Jobs for Progress for
clarification or for an oral interview, provided that no such modification will result in a
substantive amendment to the proposal.

SER Jobs for Progress reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received as
a result of this request. SER Jobs for Progress also reserves the right to waive any
informality, technical defect of clerical error or irregularity in any proposal. Additionally, SER
Jobs for Progress may, for any reason, decide not to award an agreement as a result of this
RFP. SER Jobs for Progress reserves the right to cancel this RFP and shall not be obligated
to respond to any proposal submitted, nor be legally bound in any manner by the submission
of the proposal. The Building Committee and SER Jobs for Progress staff will determine the
selection of Consultant based upon an evaluation of the proposals. SER Jobs for Progress
reserves the right to negotiate project deliverables and associated costs.

Interested firms are invited to submit five (5) copies of their proposal no later than January
26, 2017 by 5pm at 201 Broadway St, Houston, TX 77012. Please address proposals to:
Kathy Fountain
Chief Financial Officer
SER Jobs for Progress
201 Broadway Street
Houston, TX 77012

Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline. Contract terms and conditions will be
negotiated upon selection of the awarded contractor. All contractual terms and conditions will
be subject to review by SER and will include scope, budget, schedule, and other necessary
items pertaining to the project.

For questions regarding the RFP please submit in writing to Project Control c/o Jon Cordingley
by email [email protected] in the subject line note: SER- RFP

Exhibit A: Schedule
Exhibit B: Specifications For Asbestos Abatement
Exhibit C: General Wage Decision
Exhibit D: Compliance Packet for Section 3, Davis-Bacon and Related Acts, and MWSBE
Exhibit E: CDBG Required Contract Provisions
Exhibit F: Scope of Work and Breakout Pricing
Exhibit G: Asbestos Inspection